Blackworks Racing B20 VTEC Conversion Kit 84mm (B-Engines 87-02) Agrandir l'image

Blackworks Racing B20 VTEC Conversion Kit 84mm (B-Engines 87-02)



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Blackworks B20 VTEC Conversion Kit


BlackWorks now offers a Full VTEC Conversion kit for people that want to use an LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC set-up.
BlackWorks is one of the easiest and most complete way to supply oil to the head without any machining required

The kit includes:
1. BlackWorks Vtec Conversion Sandwich Plate with a -6AN fitting for the plate and head.
2. BlackWorks -6AN steel braided teflon hose for oil supply
3. BlackWorks Vtec Conversion Dowels for proper alignment for the head to block without machining
4. BlackWorks 1/8 NPT plug for the oil port in the head
5. BlackWorks worked factory head gasket in 81MM, 84MM size's only. Dowel holes opened for proper installation

This is a "NO Machining kit" we mean that there is no reason that anyone cannot do this kit in their own garage, with the right tools and skills.

With this kit you can combine a B20B shortblock with a B-Series Cylinder head. This way a B20 VTEC is created and with small modifications will have an easy 200HP.

Kit contains:
- Cylinder head gasket
- Oil Adapter Plate
- Oil Hosing
- Mounting materials

NOTE: This kit is necessary, since a B20B misses one oil channel on de shortblock (before the cylinder head) en this kit makes sure the oil is rerouted to the cylinder head.

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